About Us

Hey, Doll Face!

I am fortunate to have opened my business at the beginning of 2018 in East York, Pa. I have a passion for beauty, helping people, and making others feel good about themselves.  Having a career that combines the two is a dream for me.

When I was younger, I could spend hours on my hair and makeup, and be so happy doing it!  As the years pass, I have less opportunity and interest in spending a lot of time “putting on my face”.  The older I get, the more I value looking beautiful with as little daily effort as possible. I was constantly worried about wiping off my eyebrows, or reapplying my lipstick.  This started my interest in Cosmetic Tattooing/Permanent Makeup.

While I was getting my lips done at my first Cosmetic Tattooing procedure I thought “I would love to do this for a living, I wonder how I can make that happen?”  I was hooked.

After a few years of receiving these services myself, I decided to take the leap and get started in this field that I’m so passionate about.  I love waking up and feeling like I only need a few minutes to complete my look and get out the door.  Cosmetic Tattooing has made that possible for me, freeing up my time for more important things.

If you want to enhance your natural features, spend less time getting ready, or stop worrying about sweating your eyebrows off at the gym, Cosmetic Tattooing is your answer!  You can wake up feeling gorgeous!

Please check out our Services page and Call, Text, or Email to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to seeing you, Doll Face!


Phone: 717-382-8552

Location: 245 Tri Hill Rd., York, PA, 17403

Business Hours:

Weekday evenings & Saturday’s by appointment only